The new piccolo flute

Traces of the old art of whistling in contemporary, neoclassical and post-romantic Romanian flute literature.
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Gabriel Mãlãncioiu - Hommage à Marsyas for solo piccolo flute (2014)
Three musical tableaus lead our attention towards a mythical space, in the intimacy of the fantastic aulos virtuoso Marsyas, the satyr who with his audacity, provoqued Apollo to a musical
confrontation where he lost his life.

Petre Elinescu (1869-1947) - Pastoral Romanian Scenes (Symphonic Fantasy orig. for flute solo) - piccolo flute Introduction.
Doina-Caval. Hora. Doina. Tempo di Hora. Bagpipe, Circle dance.
  • with cymbalo & contrabass 10:14
  • with piano 7:53

Vasile S. Jianu (1904-1968) - Preludiu and Rigaudon (orig. for flute and piano)- piccolo flute
  • Preludiu and Rigaudon 5:02

Vlad A.Colar - piccolo flute
Roxana Ardeleanu - piano
Mircea Ardeleanu - cymbalo
Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. - contrabass

01.11.2014 at the Banatul Philharmonic´s Capitol Concert Hall (Timisoara)
AB stereo at
Sound engineer: Mihai Neagoe-Negurã Studio (Timisoara)
Böhm piccolo flute down to low C :  A. Braun, Germany,  No. 967
Grand Piano: Steinway & Sons  D-274
Cymbalo: Schunda Budapest
Contrabass: Ciprian Chereches


Horia Surianu - Double Concerto for Piccolo, Flute and Orchestra

Short extract of the concerto

Piccolo recital for small flute and piano
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Live recording collage using Q2-Zoom recorder